Renewable Energy Projects

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Note on Solar: Due to the large number of solar installations in the Northwest it is no longer possible for us to list all projects here. Large, key projects are listed when we have specific information on the project. Other projects will be included in the state-wide totals in our list.
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Geothermal Operational   Solar Operational   Wave Operational   Wind Operational  
Geothermal Under Construction   Solar Under Construction   Wave Under Construction   Wind Under Construction  
Geothermal In Development   Solar In Development   Wave In Development   Wind In Development  
Project Name State County Capacity Unit Developers Partners Operating Status Year
Ellensburg Community Solar Project WA Kittitas 36.0 KW City of Ellensburg BEF, Central Washington University Operating 2006
Ellensburg Community Solar Project - Phase 2 WA Kittitas 21.6 KW City of Ellensburg Central Washington University Operating 2009
Ellensburg Community Solar Project - Phase 3 WA Kittitas 13.5 KW City of Ellensburg Operating 2009
Ellensburg Community Solar Project - Phase 4 WA Kittitas 40.5 KW City of Ellensburg Operating 2010
Horn Rapids Solar, Storage & Training Facility WA Benton 4000 KW Energy Northwest Potelco, IBEW 77, and Regional Education & Training Center (RETC) Proposed
Iron Horse Solar WA Kittitas 4500 KW OneEnergy Renewables In Permitting Process
Washington solar projects (2007) WA 700 KW various Operating 2007
Washington solar projects (2008) WA 800 KW various Operating 2008
Washington solar projects (2009) WA 2065.1 KW various Operating 2009
Washington solar projects (2010) WA 2859.5 KW various Operating 2010
Washington solar projects (2011) WA 4200 KW various Operating 2011
Washington solar projects (2012) WA 7200 KW various Operating 2012
Washington solar projects (2013) WA 7900 KW various Operating 2013
White Bluffs Solar Station WA Benton 38.7 KW Energy NW BEF Operating 2002
Wild Horse Solar Facility WA Kittitas 500 KW EI Solutions PSE Operating 2007
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