Renewable Energy Projects

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Note on Solar: Due to the large number of solar installations in the Northwest it is no longer possible for us to list all projects here. We will list large, key projects when we have specific information on the project. Other projects will be included in the state-wide totals in our list. State data for Washington and Idaho is still incomplete. Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new data collection scheme.
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Title State County Capacity Developers Partners Operating Status Year
Crane Creek ID Washington 175.0 MW Agua Caliente In Permitting Process
Crump Geyser OR Lake 20.0 MW Alternative Earth Resources, ORMAT Proposed
Four Mile Hill - Glass Mt. area CA Siskiyou 55.0 MW Calpine BPA Approved
Garland Mineral Springs WA Whatcom 20.0 MW Snohomish PUD Approved
Glass Butte - Mahogany OR Lake 0.0 Ormat Proposed
Glass Butte - Midnight Point OR Lake 0.0 Ormat Proposed
Glass Buttes OR Lake 0.0 Magma Proposed
Hot Springs Geothermal MT Sanders Flathead Electric Coop Proposed
Idaho Falls (Bone area) ID Bingham & Bonneville 100.0 MW Idatherm Proposed
Klamath Hills Geothermal OR Klamath 10.0 MW Entiv Organic Energy In Permitting Process
Klamath Wildlife Refuge Geothermal CA Siskiyou 5.5 MW Entiv Organic Energy Technip, Mannvit In Permitting Process
Lakeview Geothermal Power Generation OR Lake 0.2 MW Town of Lakeview PacifiCorp In Permitting Process
Neal Hot Springs Phase 1 OR Malheur 22.0 MW US Geothermal Idaho Power, Enbridge, DOE Operating 2012
Newberry Geothermal OR Deschutes 143.0 MW Davenport Power LLC PG&E, US Renewables Group, Riverstone Holdings Proposed
OIT Campus - phase 1 OR Klamath 0.3 MW OIT Operating 2010
OIT Campus - phase 2 OR Klamath 1.8 MW OIT Under Construction
Olene Gap OR Klamath 20.0 MW Klamath Basin Geopower Oski Energy Proposed
Paisley Geothermal Project OR Lake 3.1 MW Surprise Valley Electric Sustainable Engineering Under Construction
Raft River - Unit 1 ID Cassia 15.8 MW US Geothermal Idaho Power, Ormat Operating 2007
Raft River - Unit 2 ID Cassia 16.0 MW US Geothermal EWEB In Permitting Process
Raft River - Unit 3 ID Cassia 16.0 MW US Geothermal Idaho Power In Permitting Process
Soda Springs ID Caribou 100.0 MW Idatherm Proposed
Telephone Flat - Glass Mt. CA Siskiyou 48.0 MW Calpine Approved
Title State County Capacity Developers Partners Operating Status Year
Arlington Solar Project OR Gilliam 2000.0 KW Columbia Energy Partners PacifiCorp Proposed
Ashland Solar Pioneers I OR Jackson 30.0 KW Ashland, BEF So. OR Univ., OR Shakespeare Fest, Avista, State of OR Operating 2000
Ashland Solar Pioneers II OR 63.0 KW City of Ashland Utility customers Operating 2008
Ashwood Solar OR 100.0 MW Horizon Project Development Proposed
Baldock Solar Haighway Project OR Clackamas 1750.0 KW ODOE PGE, US Bank, ETO Operating 2012
Beaverton Health & Science School solar OR Washington 100.0 KW Gerding Edlen Operating 2011
Bellevue Solar Project OR Yamhill 1660.0 KW enXco PGE Operating 2011
Black Cap solar OR Lake 2000.0 KW Obsidian Renewables Pacific Power Operating 2012
Calvary Chapel Hillsboro solar OR Washington 91.3 KW Global Electric Operating 2011
Ellensburg Community Solar - Phase 3 WA Kittitas 24.0 KW City of Ellensburg Proposed
Ellensburg Community Solar Project WA Kittitas 36.0 KW City of Ellensburg BEF, Central Washington University Operating 2006
Ellensburg Community Solar Project - Phase 2 WA Kittitas 21.6 KW City of Ellensburg Central Washington University Operating 2009
Elmonica Elementary solar OR Washington 100.0 KW Gerding Edlen