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RNP News Item
June 5, 2013

RNP Urges NW Leaders to Follow Colorado’s Lead: Colorado Expands Renewable Energy Standard

The region’s leading renewable energy advocacy group, Renewable Northwest Project (RNP), applauds Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for signing Senate Bill 252 into law today. RNP encourages Northwest leaders to follow Colorado’s example towards building a cleaner energy future.

The bill, “Setting Renewable Energy Standards for Rural Colorado,” increases the state’s renewable energy standard (RES) for rural electric co-operatives and for large electric associations that provide service to at least 100,000 meters. The bill expands the RES to 20% (from 10%) by 2020, while capping retail cost increases at 2%.

States Rachel Shimshak, executive director at RNP, “Colorado understands that a robust renewable energy standard creates jobs, keeps the air clean, and keeps costs low by building diverse, homegrown clean energy resources like wind and solar. The Northwest can do more; we should follow Colorado’s leadership in identifying new ways to expand our renewable energy resources and continue to move away from dirty fossil fuels like coal.”

The bill recognizes that renewable energy is a smart economic investment that also supports clean air and water.  Many groups outside of Colorado expressed support for the bill, including RNP, in a letter to Governor Hickenlooper last month.

See the full press release about the bill from Western Resource Advocates and Conservation Colorado:

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